• Research on the Image Correspondence between Sport Events and Host Cities
    Sport event is one of the major strategies of city marketing. Study on the image correspondence between sport events and host cities can not only help city marketers choose appropriate sport events, but also serve as a criterion for evaluating the result of city marketing activities. The article focuses on the definition of the images of sport event and city, the formation and measuring methods of...
  • Review of the Research Progress of the Competency Characteristics of the Chinese PE Teachers
    Teacher’s competence has been one of the hot research topics of the teachers’ professional development in the recent years. The domestic scholars have made a lot of studies. Yet the studies on the competence characteristics of PE teachers are still weak and need more theoretical discussion and empirical exploration. Adopting the method of literature study, the article summarizes the recent domesti...
  • Event Characteristics and Training Methods of Track Cycling Omnium
    Track cycling omnium was an official event of London Olympic Games in 2012. The cyclists had to complete six races in two successive days. Omnium has higher requirements on cyclist’s specific speed and endurance ability. The influence of specific speed on the competition result is greater than endurance. So speed- type cyclists may be more suitable for omnium.The comprehensive requirements for the...
  • Industrial Ecosystem and Sport Industry Development in China
    The ecosystem of sport industry is a dynamic and complex organism and is composed of the elements of ecological basis, producers, consumers, supervisors and collaborators. To optimize sport industrial ecology is to nurture the main body of the market, cultivate a sport consumer market, perfect the sport industrial rules and governance mechanism, bring into full play the government’s role in adjust...
  • Gap between the Athletic Sports Development in Chinese Colleges and That of Their Foreign Counterparts
    By the methods of questionnaire and comparative analysis, the author has made a comparative study between the target location, overall layout and performance result of the high-level sports teams of the Chinese universities and colleges and those of their counterparts in some developed countries. The result shows the deficiencies in Chinese colleges such as the simplification of target location, l...
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